We have a multi-disciplined team of engineers from mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, instrumentation, process and piping. We undertake the critical works of hook-up and commissioning for various systems on offshore platforms. These include the electrical & instrumentation systems, structural modifications and structural fabrications, piping including special alloys and hydro-testing, mechanical equipment, firefighting, shutdown and test systems, living quarters and other associated services.


  • Hook-up and commissioning for offshore and onshore facilities
  • Engineering design and work pack preparation
  • Front end project planning and development
  • Construction planning, management and supervision
  • Onshore fabrication
  • Rejuvenation of offshore platforms and living quarters
  • Onshore infrastructure and building construction


  • Topside maintenance for offshore structures
  • Provision of marine vessels & support
  • Provision of construction and maintenance equipment and personnel
  • System handover and start-up
  • Final documentation

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