Proper project management and risk mitigation are paramount for the success of marine and offshore projects. The Saujana Marine project team, with a long track record of managing Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) projects, has the dedicated resources and experienced personnel to ensure the quality and efficiency of projects. Some of our past project experiences include:

  • Planning and cost control
  • Design management
  • QHSE management
  • Subcontract management
  • Field and logistics support
  • Fabrication, construction and vessel operations management
  • Inspection services

Together with our practical project experiences and strong technical expertise, we provide our clients with project management services.

Our Project Management System employs a number of management techniques and tools, which are formalized in procedures, detailed work instructions, templates and flowcharts, for complete tracking, traceability and accountability.

This allows for efficient and productive project execution, monitoring and controlling at all levels throughout the project execution.

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