Saujana Marine strives to improve its work processes and take the lead in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). We practice HSE as it is through the proper management of HSE risks assessments that we intend to achieve our goal of sustainable development.

Our HSE Plan is developed with the objective of providing a structured way of managing our HSE activities throughout the year. We consider it a responsibility that can be put to practice and is in line with industry standards.

We actively carry out our HSE activities by :

  • Providing safe ship operation practices
  • Providing safe working environment
  • Establishing safe-guards against all identified risk
  • Continuously improving the safety management skills of our personnel including the marine staff, safety drills and preparing for emergencies related to both safety and environmental protection.

Saujana Marine incorporates the HSE Management System (HSE-MS) as part of its culture and organizes a “HSE Office” to drive forward its activities. We create HSE campaigns, programs and initiatives to reach employees and put our HSE plans to practice in order to prevent incidents, minimize environmental impact, prevent environmental pollution thus reducing health and safety risks.

Our HSE initiatives have won us the PCSB DD Contractors HSE Performance for FY2010/2011. We strive to ensure that our HSE strategic directions ensure maximum deliverables. In addition to inspection, investigation and enforcement, we conduct research, propose new regulations and alert duty holders to new and emerging risks. We commit to operate safely, preserve the environment and protect the health and welfare of our employees and communities.


At Saujana Marine, we are committed to saving the environment through various corporate responsibility procedures on all our operations. It is in the best interest of our business and future generations that we manage and reduce the environmental impact in the communities and the environment that we operate.

We are constantly enforcing and building and eco-conscious working environmental that will serve to improve our environmental procedures throughout our business lines. By adhering and complying with environmental laws and legislations in the region, we strive to comprehend the impact of the business to our environmental and be proactive in mitigating them. By taking such measures, we are sure of lucrative future that is good for business and the environment. By playing a progressive role, Saujana Marine is proud to continually work towards providing a better future for our children.