YTM Tunku Dato’ Sri Kamel Tunku Rijaludin


Saujana Marine was founded in 1994. It originated in a country renowned for its long coastlines,with a rich ancestry of talented mariners.

Today we have homegrown marine professionals who have penetrated the international scene. As the marine and Oil and Gas industry has grown, so Saujana Marine has recognised and tapped into these valuable assets. We are now poised to deliver on our commitments in strong support for these marine activities.

Saujana Marine seeks to establish a solid reputation by adapting global standard business practices, and we are committed to growing our business responsibly. Our dedication is threefold – to customer satisfaction,to helping our partners and to improving the communities in which we do business.

The company seeks to achieve its goals through maintaining integrity above all else and ensuring that our clients are served with the utmost professionalism.

Yours Faithfully,

Capt. Hj. Tasripin Masotee

Managing Director

The Oil and Gas Industry is constantly faced with challenges and we at Saujana Marine have equally done our part to keep up with the industry’s ever changing pace and to be a premier on our own.

 Saujana Marine pride ourselves on our elements of success built on strong partnerships,technical expertise, business regime and our proven ability to deliver superior results. We have never compromised on our deliverance of operational service excellence and uphold the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment policies.

 Our years of experience coupled with good governance and diversity of our employees is reflected in our commitment of sustainable networking with industry partners to constantly deliver efficient services. Saujana Marine is poised to be a dynamic marine offshore service provider in Hook Up and Commissioning (HUC), Transportation and Installation (T&I), Engineering, Production, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) entity making Saujana Marine a beacon on its own.

 Our management team aggressively pursues projects in line with our new sustainability strategy to potentially raise the number of commitments and goals in the future.

Cordially Yours,


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